10 good reasons to start with Eclarion

Eclarion is unique in its simplicity and completeness.
Together with you, we develop from daily practice.
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1. Calculation & Analysis

Eclarion has grown by its practical approach in recipe calculation.

Stop using band-aid solutions in ERP or Excel.
QUID, allergens, nutritional values, weight loss, you name it: Eclarion makes recipe management controllable.

2. Management of raw materials

Eclarion offers a smart system for linking nutritional value, allergens and diet information to raw materials.

Intelligent raw materials are the best building blocks for your recipe.

3. Management of recipes

Reusable building blocks make recipe management with Eclarion fast and effective.

The approval mechanism protects recipes in production, while R & D is working on that beautiful new recipe.

4. Product specifications

Customers increasingly ask for tailor-made product information. With Eclarion it's done in no time.

Carefully prepared productspecificaties are the best showpiece for your customers.

5. Labels

Eclarion includes everything to generate a legally correct ingredient declaration.

Use the integrated label templates or link with one of our label partners.

6. Support

"On-demand" support, personal contact and direct response to substantive and technical questions.

Yes! We are certainly proud of our user support & #x1f600;.

7. Management of suppliers

Which supplier can deliver gluten-free raw materials, who is my contact and what certificates are expiring soon?

Ingredient specifications managed by Eclarion will tell you.

8. Quality control

As an information system, Eclarion is an important part of quality assurance.

The complete path of single raw material to final product specification is clearly defined. Relevant data is immediately available.

9. Full ERP integration

Through our seamless API link, you can power-up your existing ERP system without major impact.

This is where our best-of-breed approach really shines. Contributing to an optimal workflow.

10. Audit trail

Users work through an authorization system and recipes are subject to an approval mechanism.

Who has done what and when? Eclarion makes this automatically insightful.

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