Since its creation over 70 years ago, Cikam has a very clear mission: "Making savings for customers through the faster and more efficient setup of (production) processes."

Cikam delivers total solutions to print barcodes and labels and fully automated. The starting point of our approach is always the daily practice of the customer: where within your process are there opportunities to (further) automate? With a combination of hardware and custom-made software, we can provide cost savings through automatic coding. Finally, Cikam also supplies self-adhesive labels, thermal transfer ribbons and other coding accessories within a manufacturing process.

Integration with Eclarion

Within the Cikam software, a direct link with Eclarion has been achieved, for picking up the recipes. The advantage of labeling using the software program is that the operator only has to enter / select the product number. The choice of type of label layout is determined automatically, based on a predefined list. This prevents errors and additional actions while printing the labels.

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